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Om Farmors Lycka

Grandmothers Story

One day, grandma put the coffee cup in the dish rack and her slippers as usual inside the door after looking into her farm after moving to the village. Thirty-five years later, grandmother’s coffee cup and slippers are still left in her abandoned house.

Today we are pleased to welcome you into grandmother’s world. I remember one morning, my grandmother’s hand inmine, watching the sun go up.
I still feel the magic of seeing the fields descending towards the village, the church on its hill, and the vast blue water surface in the horizon. The woods behind me, a crackling behind a tree and the tension rises. This we want to share with you.

Grandma’s happiness, is for us who have not managed to get up our muddy feet from the earth, the way we communicate with today’s modern man. the grandmother happiness you can still experience and taste a Skåne country life with us at Österlen.


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