Rent our cabin

Rent our cabin in beautiful Haväng, this is for all of you who loves nature as much as we do. You can rent it for some days och weeks, even longer. 

The cabin is located in the corner of the street in Havängs summervillage. You will have walking distance to one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and some nice walking trails.

The house:
4 beds in 2 bedrooms. Kitchen. Livingroom. Outside area.
Tv. Bathroom and shower. Phone reception. Parkingspot.

It’s possible to book dinner at the hotel. You can also rent bed linen and towels.It’s also possible to pay extra for cleaning after checkout.

Distance to beach: 1,5 km.

Fotballfield/playground and walking trails is 150m away.

Distance to grocery store is 5km. You can find it in both Kivik and Brösarp.

Things to visit or do: Haväng beach, Stenshuvuds nationalpark, Ångtåget, Kivik art Center, Kungagraven and much more!


1-3 days: 1900 SEK/night

4 or more days: 1500SEK/night

Book online at our website or contact us at