Our rooms are available in this centenary building, built between 1885 - 1911 and the annex brewhouse. A total of 7 rooms. Each bedroom has common access to TV in the master suite. Shared access to a small kitchenette with sink, refrigerator, microwave and some dishes in our kitchen entrance.

All rooms are fully renovated with heated floors and a private bathroom with shower. Four rooms are located on the upper floor, three rooms on the ground floor of Brygghuset. Televisions are available in the large lounge common to all.

Gentry bedrooms:

In the south-facing windows looking out onto The courtyard with its walnut tree in the middle. Sleeping in new beds with grandmother's old sängramsgavel.

Young Frökens chamber:

Also in this room painted in brown ocher, look out on the surrounding built farm, today with roses, grass, gravel paths and the old

boxwood hedge.

The maid Krypin:
Gable room facing west with his round reinvention windows, painted in bright yellow ocher. Outside there is a wooden deck.

Mother's chamber:

gable facing east, with a view, weather permitting, over the sea. There is a third smaller bed in the room too.


Two to three steps up:

VÄVSTUAN: Brightest room overlooking the courtyard, through the gate at the east shining sea in the horizon.

Arches OVEN: Outside the west window saunter / fly a lot of the wild pass at dusk and dawn, even the farm's lambs in the pasture in summer.

DRÄNGAKAMMAREN: Private entrance to the courtyard on the east, to the west goes lambs outside the window.
A little crowded, but we can add two extra beds if necessary.

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